DSi Console

DSI Console

Nintendo has just taken handheld consoles to the next level with the stunning new DSi Consoles which will transform the way people access, experience, create and share content. The DSi is the third version of the world's best-selling handheld virtual video game system. The Nintendo DSi is the second upgrade to the hugely popular DS handheld console.

The new DSi features a larger, brighter screen, an SD card slot with two cameras. The Nintendo company pioneered handheld consoles in the '80s and made it fully mobile to millions around the world with the Game Boy and DS video game systems. The new Nintendo DSi comes in four great colours black, pink, white and blue.

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DSi XL Wine Red

New Nintendo DSi XL Console

Nintendo News Flash; The fourth generation of the DSi is here, the Nintendo DSi XL. With bigger 4.2" screens, 93% larger than the DS Lite, the DSi XL has a wider viewing angle, comes with a whole new design chunkier stylus and is available in two fantastic new colours wine red & dark brown.

The DSi XL also comes with two pre-installed games including Dr Kawashima's Little Bit of Brain Training which is one of the most popular Brain Training games today for mental agility. Featuring the trademark dual screens and simple-to-use controls that players have come to love, the new Nintendo DSi XL Console will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

DSi Console

DSI Console - The System

The fantastic new Nintendo DSi Virtual Console is a high-powered handheld game system in a sleek looking design which is loaded with fantastic features designed to create the ultimate gaming experience. The DSi features the Nintendo trademark touchscreen technology but make's portable gaming simultaneously larger and smaller in all the right places. The new DSi has been created with a significantly larger screen and slimmer body design than the DS. It also includes the ability to take photos with it's two built-in cameras. You can edit and send these to friends, play back your music with DSi Sound, or browse the web with the DSi Browser. From playing games to just playing around, the Nintendo DSi is the fantastic all-rounder.

DSI Console - DSi Sound

Another fantastic feature of the superb new Nintendo DSi Console Black is the DSi Sound application. This serves as an interactive voice recorder and music player that let's you play with your music while they play it. You can access different audio or control the pitch of recorded voice or music to change voices or the tempo of music. The microphone is between the two screens when the DSi is open. There is also a stereo headphone output that allows users to listen music off on an SD card, even with the consoles screen shut.

DSi Console

DSI Console - Games and Backwards Compatibility

The Nintendo DSi Console can play games specifically made for the system and sold at retail. The DSi is also capable of playing most Nintendo DS games and has the access to a massive library of around 850 titles originally made for the DS. The quality of games that DSi users can expect to see both from Nintendo and third-party game developers, at the launch of the DSi Nintendo is also releasing Rhythm Heaven, this being a hugely popular rhythm game which in Japan has sold nearly 2 million copies since its release. It features catchy tunes, charming characters, and a wide selection of games which makes maximum use of the functionality of the DSi.

DSI Console - The DSiWare

The Nintendo DSi Handheld Console will be the platform for relevant and fun games and applications. The DSiWare application will populate Nintendo DSi with software that can be downloaded using Nintendo DSi Points directly to the portable console, just like WiiWare has with Nintendo's Wii console. Developers are asked to manufacture software that would make use of the functions of the hardware. Nintendo DSi DSiWare games and applications will be available at a range of values, starting at 200 points.

DSi Console Pink

DSI Console - Cameras

The slimline Nintendo DSi Console comes equipped with two built in cameras - one camera on the external body facing away, and the second one pointing at the user when the Dsi is open. This is the first truly interactive digital camera in a video console and the DSi Cameras come with 10 different interactive "lenses" offering an simple way to take and share your photos.

The two DSi cameras also give you unprecedented ways to interact with your games. The process provides developers with a cool new tool to devise creative games and experiences. If the touch screen gave the DS a sense of feel and the microphone allowed it to listen, the two DSi cameras have given the Nintendo DSi sight.

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Sony Playstation 3 Slim

Sony Playstation 3 Slim

With hefty multi-media features the PlayStation 3 Slim is an even more versatile games console than it's predecessor and comes 32% smaller, 36% lighter and uses 34% less power. The PlayStation 3 Slim has been completely redesigned for a greater streamlined feel and features video chat, internet access, digital photo viewing, and digital audio and video will likely make it the central component of your media set-up.

The PlayStation 3 Slim is capable of 128-bit pixel precision and 1080p resolution for that full HD experience and also provides for a great sound experience by supporting Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, as well as Linear PCM 7.1. The pre-installed 120 GB hard disc drive allows you ample room to download content from the internet as well as save games. For information & reviews on the PlayStation 3 Slim click on the following link; www.3slim.co.uk

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October 1, 2020
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