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The stunning new Dsi Console Black is the thinnest and lightest member of the Nintendo DS family so far. The DSi Black is crammed with great new features that will excite die hard fans and newcomers to the Nintendo DS range. With the Nintendo DSi Black there are many ways to have fun ranging from creating, customising and sharing pictures with friends and family. Also there's listening to or experimenting with your favourite tunes playing over a 1000 Nintendo DS games and downloading new DSiWare games directly onto your console. The new Nintendo DSi Consoles also come with built-in internet capabilities so the entertainment begins as soon as you switch on!

The Nintendo DSi Handheld Console Black has two cameras adding an entirely new look to gaming on the Nintendo DS. These two cameras can accurately detect facial features and players' movements. By moving the upper body, hands, arms and head in front of the camera means play can be directed simply by movement this bringing a fantastic new way of interacting.

The new Nintendo DSi Console Black comes with volume and sound quality that can experience the Nintendo DSi Sound application as well as in-game music. The Nintendo DSi Black brings portable music to the DSi as users will be able to play AAC-encoded music files on their console. Nintendo DSi Sound introduces new ways for DSi players to experiment with sound and music by changing the pitch and speed evenly applying effects to files that are played on the DSi.

Why not customise your DSi Handheld Console by downloading applications from the Nintendo DSi Shop as well as being able to carry around your Nintendo DSi Black with your very own photos and music files. In the forthcoming months a great range of software will be available for download.

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DSi Console Black Features

# Enhanced volume and sound quality
# Plays AAC-encoded music
# Apply effects to sound files that are played on the console
# Download DSiWare and customise your DSi Console with games and applications from the DSi Shop
# Matt finish and a full 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite
# Bigger, brighter 3.25" screen
# Two motion-detecting cameras
# Take shots using a range of 11 special camera effects
# Save content onto an SD memory card, upload to your PC or Wii and share with friends and family using WiiConnect24

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July 3, 2020
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