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Here you can read some of the favorable To read some fantastic reviews on the new Nintendo DSi Handheld Console reviews that have so far been written for the fantastic new Nintendo DSi Handheld Console:

DSi Console Reviews

Review 1
"I got the Nintendo DSi Console White for my birthday recently and I'm still not getting bored with it. It's just so entertaining! To begin with, the new DSi is so sleek and clean. For those of you that already have a Nintendo DS well you would'nt be wasting your money. The whole layout is completely different but you can still play your old ds games. The 2 camera's are fantastic! You can take pictures at any time and the quality is really good. You can edit the photos, distort them, add stamps, even change the colour. Things never gets boring with the new DSi! There are so many ways to edit your friends and family. If you have an SD card, you can put it on your computer and email it to other friends around the world. The camera is my personal favourite feature of the new DSi Console White, but that's just my opinion"

Review 2
"The new DSi Console Pink from Nintendo is fantastic piece of equipment that is keeping my 7 year old amused throughout the holidays. There are many educational games available so the DSi is not just a couch potato toy. My daughter loves it to bits, I highly recommend it"

Review 3
"The Nintendo DSi Console is by far the best hand held console I have ever had. We, as a family, have had fantastic fun with it. It's sleek design and lighter weight plus the larger screen are just a few super new features that make the DSi much better than the DS.
I like the other applications such as the Nintendo Shop to download other games and hardware. The find the internet very useful especially because the DSi is so transportable. The DSi will keep you amused for hours I guarantee"

Review 4
"I bought the new Nintendo DSi Console Blue for grandsons birthday and he was absolutely delighted with it. We had a lot of fun with the pictures he took and then changed to give us disguises. I looked quite good as Miss Piggy"

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July 3, 2020
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