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DSI Console

The one you've all been waiting for, the fantastic follow up to the Nintendo DS is here, the stunning new Nintendo DSi Virtual Console ! The Nintendo DSi is 12% slimmer with a screen that's 8% larger than the DS.

The new DSI includes great new features, cameras, an SD Card slot, Wi-Fi advancements, the ability to download software wirelessly via the DSi Shop and so much more. With the bigger screen, as well as the improvements in audio and visual quality of the DSI Nintendo came to the decision to take away the slot for the GameBoy Advance.

Nintendo DSI Console Product Features

* With the new DSi Handheld Console from Nintendo you can play with sound: Play music on your DS, experiment, record, create and play with sound using the DSi Sound application.
* Also with the Motion-activated gaming on the go: Interact with your games and console on the move like never before, with motion-detecting cameras to help you control future games on the console.
* With Picture perfect: An inwards and outwards facing camera, take pictures for instant editing, effect addition and then save them in your own portable photo album or onto an SD card for sharing.
* Why not play, share and enhance your DSi experience online: Download new games and applications from the DSi Shop from cartoon making to a free internet browser and challenge yourself online with DSi's improved connectivity,
* The DSi Console is packed with fantastic new features and thinner than ever: 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite with a bigger, brighter 3.25" screen, two 0.3 megapixel cameras, enhanced sound quality and an SD memory card slot for saving.

Nintendo DSI Console Key Features

A fantastic new feature of the Nintendo DSi Console is it's Sound audio player which is not meant to be your standard audio playback mechanism. It has been designed so you can get pleasure playing with sounds also. Typical functions include being able to alter the pitch and the speed using the Touch Screen and with this ability you can expand how the audio player in more practical.

With the DSi you are able to fast-forward a Podcast to economize the time. When using the repeat-run function of the DSi with the stylus it becomes much easier to copy the music, to practice foreign languages or to play a musical instrument. The DSi can be viewed as a toy with music that also can be played with.

Nintendo have taken the opposite approach and only included a 0.3 megapixel camera with handheld software that includes 11 types of special camera lenses with the DSi Console as opposed to including a top of the range camera lens.

Because of this Nintendo DSi Consoles can take pictures by utilizing a range of special effects on a real-time basis. The whole picture can be changed to black and white. The colour portions you touch exchange the existing colour with a new one making a composite picture using preinstalled frames or by making the frames yourself draw a variety of graffiti on the pictures not to mention perform many other nice little tricks.

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July 3, 2020
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