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With the fantastic new Nintendo DSi Virtual Console there are many great ways to have fun , there's creating, customising and sharing pictures or listening to or experimenting with your favourite music. Then, of course, there's playing more than 1000 Nintendo DS games and downloading new DSiWare games. The new Nintendo DSi Console also comes with built-in internet capabilities so the the fun begins from the moment you turn it on!

The Nintendo DSi Console includes two cameras which add a completely new dimension to gaming on the DSi. The two cameras accurately detect facial features and players' movements. By moving the upper body, hands, arms and head in front of the camera's mean you can play directed by movement alone.

The Nintendo DSi comes available in black or white and is the slimmest and lightest member of the Nintendo family. The Nintendo DSi Console is crammed with fantastic new features that will surely excite everyone.

DSi Consoles

The cameras of the Nintendo DSi Console faces inside and outside mounted on the console's flip-up lid enabling users to picture themselves or their friends just as they choose. The Nintendo DSi Console Camera software is fully loaded with 11 special camera effects so that users can take shots using a range of great special effects.

The enhanced volume and sound quality of Nintendo DSi Consoles lets users experience the Nintendo DSi Sound application as well as in-game music. As well as bringing you portable music to the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi Sound introduces new ways for Nintendo DSi players to experiment and play with sound and music by changing the pitch, speed and even apply special effects to sound files that are played on the DSi console.

In addition to all of the new features, the Nintendo DSi Handheld Console comes in a matt finish and is a full 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite, making it Nintendo's most portable handheld ever. However, it also packs a punch with a bigger, brighter, 3.25" screen. The Nintendo DSi has been designed to enable players to use almost all of their existing games on the new console, so those who already have a Nintendo DS (but would like to upgrade to Nintendo DSi) won't have to re-stock their library.

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DSi Console Features

* Larger screens

* Two cameras

* Built-in DSi web browser

* Play download games

* SD Memory Card slot

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July 3, 2020
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