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The much awaited makeover of the DSi Virtual Console is here and what a truly fantastic update the new DSi gives you. The new DSi Virtual Console has larger screen, thinner size, two built in cameras and a microphone not to mention loads of other great improvements that further stamp the Nintendo dominance over handheld gaming.

The Nintendo DSi Console is the third generation of the DS and is the long overdue successor to Nintendo's popular handheld game console. The new DSi Handheld Console compared to the Nintendo DS Lite features a 17% larger screen and a 12% reduced size in weight.

Also on the new DSi Consoles there's two fantastic little built-in cameras and an SD memory card slot allowing you to save pictures and display them on the Nintendo Wii as well as a built-in browser and music playback feature. The Nintendo DSi Virtual Console unfortunately only plays Nintendo D games as the Gameboy Advance playback is no longer included.

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DSi Virtual Console Features

* Enlarged screen (17% bigger at 3.25 inches)
* Reduced size (about 12% thinner)
* Two built-in cameras
* SD memory card slot (Allows you to save pictures and display them on the Wii?)
* Built-in browser function
* Built-in music playback function
* Built in Microphone
* Plays all Nintendo DS? games!
* Does NOT support Gameboy? Advance anymore!

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July 3, 2020
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