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DSI Console

The Nintendo DSi Console has finally arrived coming in three colours black, white and blue. The DSi Console is the third version of the legendary DS which originally hit our streets in November 2004. Sometime in 2006 Nintendo refreshed the DS in the form of the DS Lite. The DS Lite dramatically changed the consoles overall design and greatly improved screen performance.

A staggering more than 100 million consoles worldwide have been sold just four and a half years after its initial release. The Nintendo DS has solidified itself as the biggest selling handheld game console of all time. Even the PSP which is vastly regarded as a massive commercial success has only sold in the region 50 million.

Nintendo DSi Console Blue

The stunning Nintendo DSi Console Blue comes with two built in cameras, enhanced sound, game downloads and memory to enable you to customize your DSi. With the new Nintendo DSi there are numerous ways to entertain from creating, customising and sharing photos or listening to and experimenting with music. You can also play more than 1000 DS games and download DSiWare games directly onto your console. Also the Nintendo DSi features built-in internet meaning the fun begins the moment you turn it on!

The fantastic new Nintendo DSi Consoles give you motion-detecting cameras to handheld gaming the two built in cameras adding an entirely new dimension to gameplay. The two DSi cameras can accurately detect facial features and users movements. By moving the body, hands, arms and head before the camera means play can be directed by simple movement alone bringing a whole new way of interacting with the handheld console.

The Nintendo DSi Handheld Console also comes with superb enhanced volume and sound so that players will experience the DSi Sound application as well as in-game music. Bringing portable music to the Nintendo DSi, DSi Sound introduces fantastic new ways for players to experiment and play with sound and music altering the pitch and speed applying effects to sound files that are played on the DSi.

Also available are the DSi Console White & the DSi Console Black

Nintendo DSi Console Blue Specifications

Product Description Nintendo Dsi Blue
Display 3.25 inches (diagonal), transparent reflective TFT Colour LCD
Colour Blue
Stylus Length : 92 mm
Backlight 4 Levels of brightness display
Power Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
Battery Life Up to 14hrs Hours
Inputs DS Card Slot
SD Memory Card Slot
AC Adapter
Stereo Headphones/Mic
Dimensions (W x L x H) 137 x 74.9 x 18.9 mm
Weight 214g

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July 4, 2020
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